Christian camps play an important role in ministry. We work with insurance providers that offer coverages created specifically for Christian camps.

When you work with us, your insurance package may include protection for:

  • Use of watercraft you own and are using in the operation of a camp ministry.
  • Claims of sexual misconduct or sexual harassment.
  • Bodily, emotional, or personal injury resulting directly from counseling provided by one of your trained counselors.
  • Use of saddle animals.
  • Handling of pesticides or herbicides. 

You have campers to protect, buildings to maintain, and staff members to insure. Your activities are as exciting as they are varied—horseback riding, zip lines, swimming holes, and more. We understand your insurance needs, and we can help develop a plan that makes sure you’re covered.

Customer Story

Camp Reassured That Fire Damage Was Covered Before Firefighters Even Arrive

Several years ago, an administrator at a Christian camp in Wisconsin called his American Church Group of Wisconsin agent regarding a fire in a hay barn on camp grounds. The administrator used his phone to send a photo of the burning structure to the agent, who forwarded the picture to a property claims representative at Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company, the camp’s property-casualty insurer.

American Church Group of Wisconsin and Brotherhood Mutual responded before the fire fighters arrived, assuring the administrator that the structure was covered. The camp rebuilt the barn and replaced its contents the following spring.